Tune Trivia

Russell and Williams St

Composed by Billy Larkin

The title of this tune refers to an intersection that was once at the vibrant heart of Portland’s Black community. Formerly known as the “Black Broadway,” the corridor included a concentration of Black churches, businesses, social service organizations, and nightclubs that were thriving and active community institutions. 

As a resident of Portland, Billy called attention to the displacement of residents and Black businesses by the construction of I-5, the Memorial Coliseum, and expansion of Emanuel Hospital.


Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Founded in 1970 in the New York area, this group of America musicians took their act to France to record their often sampled Hihache and Darkest Light. Though largely unknown in the U.S. while they were together, the success of Hip Hop artists who sampled these two tunes brought them recognition at home long after the band broke up.

Hippy Skippy Moon Strut

The Moon People

The genesis for Hippy Skippy Moon Strut was the NY boogaloo scene with a tune by the Latin Blues Band called "The Happy Soul." After several transformations, the tune was eventually released by the Moon People, as the Latin Blues Band were renamed.  Still not getting anywhere on the charts, horn riffs influenced the Archie Bell & The Drells' "Tighten Up" were added with organ work by Dave Cortez. Again Hippy Skippy did not break through but perhaps reached it's greatest fame when Christina Aguilera sampled it for her tune "Ain't No Other Man."

Soul Reaction

Paul Nero

The very groovy Soul Reaction is on a the B side of Paul Nero's Walky Talky single released in 1967. Paul Nero is a pseudonym used by the German saxophonist and composer Klaus Doldinger, who reportedly felt his own name was too German for marketing soul releases. Mr. Doldinger later performed and recorded with his jazz band Passport and scored the soundtracks to many successful films including Das Boot and The NeverEnding Story