About Pawn Shop Soul

Soul is instrumental

Formed in 2013, Pawn Shop Soul found its roots in instrumental favorites from England's Northern Soul DJs. From there, inspiration comes from horn and organ bands of funk and soul jazz sound sphere. A natural cousin in line up and feel, Pawn Shop Soul pulls in a fist full of boogaloo tunes.  Featuring a four-horn frontline, this nine-piece band also venerates organ trio and afro-cuban influences. 


Who's in the band.

  • Steven Baird - bari sax, flute
  • George Demarest - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Mark Roths - tenor sax
  • Daniel Miltz - trombone
  • Josh Salesin - keys
  • Steve Slaney - bass
  • Markus Puhvel - guitar
  • Nick Preiss - drums
  • Dag Dascher - congas, percussion